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Real Twitter Marketing And Follower Tactics

Ever since Oreo’s victory over 2013’s Super Bowl blackout, brands have been rushing over each other in an effort to ride the viral wave that comes with a successful real-time Twitter marketing project. When should you get on the real-time band wagon?

The phrase “real-time marketing” has been doing the rounds in marketing and social networks circles just recently, specifically with reference to Twitter. However it’s important to remember that Twitter is by its very nature a real-time network. Its material and discussions are up to the minute. It spreads out news like wildfire and is developed to buy real Twitter followers¬†¬†for speed of info sharing. Among Twitter’s primary strengths and the power of real-time is shown again and again as tweets go viral.
Brands that are able to harness the unbelievable power of real-time content can magnify their presence on Twitter substantially. By working with fantastic material that pertains to topics and discussions taking place around users, you can record some major wins by keeping at the front of minds and revealing flexibility and creativity on a platform with a high volume of sound and competitors.
When real-time is succeeded

Most likely one of the most well-known examples in the last year approximately of real-time done well would be the Oreo blackout tweet at the 2013 Superbowl– an occasion that was definitely not anticipated by any of the experts on the day. The brand’s quick thinking and wittiness brought over 8,000 brand-new fans and was retweeted nearly 16,000 times. Okay for one tweet.
Oreo have actually actually got this whole real-time reaction idea down pat. We can all discover a lot from Oreo’s mother company Mondelez on how to include real-time strategy into branding. A strategy that concentrated Oreo’s efforts particularly in Canada, Mondelez and DraftFCB interacted to make the Winter Olympics another real-time win for Oreo.
Launching this one in the Women’s Hockey Last– that Canada went on to win with a last minute objective.
Next they jumped onto a hashtag they discovered had actually become popular on Twitter to describe the lush facial hair of the Canadian men’s bobsleigh group #beardmode. This was their reaction.
When the single-sex marital relationship bill was passed in England, Virgin Holidays published a celebratory tweet with a terrific visual to record the dominating mood of the social platform. Single-sex marital relationship has been a hot topic on Twitter in the UK for a substantial amount of time, and Virgin’s visual response to the bill passing gathered over 250 retweets and a bucket-load of favorable feedback.

Real time response can be instant or include preparation. The recent ‘planned’ London Tube strike opened a chance for brands to get on board the #tubestrike and plenty did.
Intriguing Domino’s took a different technique to the #tubestrike. Instead of tweeting a few branding messages their seen here tweeting about the totally free pizza they are distributing to commuters.